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The Access to Basic Medical Care (ABC) programme ensures free healthcare for indigenes residing in any of the 33 Local Government Councils of Oyo State.

The initiative is galvanized by the specific need to extend basic healthcare solutions to the masses especially those within significant distance to the town centres such as Ibadan, Oyo and Ogbomosho. Our programme provides cost effective solutions in a timely manner.

Within the ABC Primary Care Programme is the provision of integrated, accessible healthcare services by Clinicians who are accountable for:

  • Addressing a large majority of personal healthcare needs;
  • Developing a sustained partnership with patients; and
  • Practicing in the context of family and community medicine.

Preventable deaths in both Adults and Children are being managed with the full implementation of comprehensive primary healthcare services addressing diseases such as diarrhoea, pneumonia, malaria, and HIV/AIDS.  This service extends to chronic disease management as well as maternal care.

Our goal is to provide the most innovative and cost effective method of primary healthcare delivery in Africa.



Every indigene of Oyo state has a fundamental right to high quality and effective healthcare.

The neglect of mild and chronic conditions, and the avoidance of preventive care, can have serious negative consequences on health and elevate the eventual cost of treatment for the individual, community and the government.



Each ABC Clinic addresses the same basic healthcare needs.

Efforts are focused on accelerating the organization of healthcare providers into team-like config-urations so that they can adopt systems that will reduce errors of overuse, underuse, and misuse, and improve the coordination of care.

Our aim is to deliver standardised services across all our medical portacabins ensuring the easy reproduction of our organisational systems if the need arises.