Nearly two-thirds of the Nigerian population are resident in rural areas which are largely under-served by primary healthcare centres; less than 20% of the population have access to the services they require. High poverty levels, inadequate skilled staff, inadequate finance, poor health care policies and implementation programs also account for failure on health care provision faced by low-income earners and rural residents.


Our goal is to improve health care coverage across Oyo state by providing easily accessible health care services including prevention, promotion and treatment. This project will ensure financial hardship is prevented for the users of such services by providing free medical care through the existing clinics.

Long-Term Impact

Our work through these clinics is changing the face of primary healthcare in Nigeria. Provision of healthcare through these clinics will relieve pressure on the Government and other secondary care providers who can be free to focus on specialist and emergency care. Sustaining these clinics will improve the overall health of beneficiaries in the communities where present.