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Hypertension is the most common non-communicable disease in our environment. Our clinics have specific days set aside to attend to people who have hypertension. Our services include proper diagnosis, treatment and appropriate follow-up and monitoring. We routinely counsel our patients on the various ways they can modify their lifestyles and diet to combat the disease and have established referral protocols for patients that require specialist care.


With more people leading a sedentary lifestyle and acquiring unhealthy eating habits, Diabetes Mellitus has become a public health concern in the tropics. We routinely screen people at risk for diabetes and regularly have health education outreaches at grassroots/community level. Our clinics provide free oral anti-diabetic drugs to people with non-insulin dependent diabetes mellitus and periodic blood sugar tests to monitor their treatment progress. For people who require insulin based therapy or patients with complications, we have an established referral protocol to give them access to specialist care.


The burden of obesity in developing countries appears to be underestimated. In our experience, a large number of the people who benefit from the services in our clinics are either obese. Although most people come with complaints of other ailments, we routinely screen patients for obesity and have regular counseling sessions on proper eating habits and the benefits of exercise and active lifestyle.


We frequently see people with peptic ulcer disease, chronic rhinitis, allergic reactions, minor trauma cases, animal bites and so on. We provide treatment for uncomplicated cases or referral services for those that require further care.