ABC Foundation Celebrates World Cancer Day

Every 4th of February is World Cancer Day. In commemoration of World  Cancer Day, we had lined up activities for the week to create awareness on cancer and to make the importance of prevention and screening against Cancer known.

Day 1: Free Visual Inspection with Acetic Acid (VIA) and Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) Screening at Access to Basic medical Care Foundation, off Ring road, Ibadan. Monday-Friday, 5th-9th February, 2018. 10am-2pm.

Day 2: Health Talk at the Beat Fm on Prevention and Screening against Cancer on Tuesday, 6th February, 2018.

Day 3: Health Talk on Prevention and Screening against Cancer on BCOS Television, Ibadan on Tuesday 6th February, 2018.

Day 4: Health Talk on  Cancer on Splash FM, Ibadan on Wednesday 7th February, 2018.

5. Interactive session with students of Technical University, Ibadan on Breast, Cervical, Lung and Liver Cancer on Wednesday 7th February, 2018 3pm at the Technical University, Ibadan.

6. A Health/Cervical Cancer Awareness Talk at Skye Bank (New Garage Branch) on Friday 9th February, 2018.

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