ABC Foundation Celebrating 9Years Anniversary

Welcome to a new era of impact Friends!

This occasion of our 9th year anniversary is such a special moment for ABC foundation for her improbable excellence.  Over nine years ago, an inspirational mind made a decision of influence.

A significance that allows our reflection on years of growth, grit and greatness; celebrate all that we have achieved together; and aspire yet again- as success is never final.
Given the stature today of our foundations impact, we have played a decisive role in the provision of convenient diagnostics, prevention and treatment services to our locality. The passion bubble over to provide innovative, strategic frameworks and ensure our expansion of access for quality primary healthcare delivery systems.
The foundation has a potential to make its vision a continuous reality.
We encourage you to be partners in this cause.

Be inclusive- together we can reach a fairer and healthier world.

Be progressive –forward looking

Be responsive – embracing our community and its needs.

Be selective – realizing that it would not be realistic to try to be all things, excellently, to all people, but that she could grow selectively to be exceptional in key areas.

Be metropolitan – be a partner for regions, a force for addressing its social problems and health development needs.

We have steered through a challenging period of growth and have developed our own personality: An institution of reckon in this region.
Yet, we have much to do! Strengthening the existing platforms for quality delivery systems, instituting models for inclusive excellence. We have the capacity for more.
Let’s lengthen our cords. Yes we can!
Thank you for your continual support to fulfill this mandate.

Happy 9th anniversary!
Access to Basic medical Care Foundation.
An Institution of Reckon.

Thank you.

*Dr Olamiji Ajanaku*
*Chief Operating Officer*
*ABC Foundation.*


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