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My hubby had a fracture in may and this is the first time ever I regretted not staying back in the states. ABC wasn’tt opened the day we needed to do an x-ray and we went to another health care provider, my hubby was groaning from how the personnel in the x-ray handled the broken leg, it was excruciating that he swore never to go back there.
Long and short, the surgeon said the x-ray wasn’t done properly and fortunately for us, it was the following day of the public holiday and ABC was now opened, hubby had to ask the guy that attended to him if he was trained abroad from how he handled him and he was smiling through the x-ray.

His emotions were lifted up and honestly that helped his faith as my hubby was already been condemned as someone with low pain threshold whereas it was the very unprofessional person doing the x-ray the first time.

Please look into having a property hospital, I know whatever businesses the Ajimobis’ do is world class standard and I’ve been proven right


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