Workplace health and safety also referred to as occupational health and safety refers to the right of every employee, regardless of industry, to carry out his daily work in a safe environment. 

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Dr (Mrs) Florence Ajimobi steps down as Access to Basic Medical Care Foundation’s CEO.

The Former Chief Operating Officer(COO) Mrs Dolapo Oyedipe has been Appointed as the New CEO of the

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World Malaria Day is observed annually on 25 April, to bring global attention to the efforts being made to bring an end to malaria, and encourage action to prevent transmission, treat the illness and prevent death from the disease.

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In commemoration of World Cancer Day February 4th, ABC Foundation representative Dr Olusola Oriniowo went on air to speak on Cancer. He talked extensively on the types, risk factors, symptoms, preventive measures and treatment on The Beat 97.9fm and Fresh 105.9fm. People called in to make enquiries, asked questions and they were guided appropriately.

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As a foundation, one of our goals is to reach out to the younger generations, catch them young and educate them on Cancer. In commemoration of World Cancer Day, one of the activities of the foundation includes visiting selected secondary schools to educate them on Cancer. 

On 5th February, 2018, the First Lady of Oyo State and Founder of Access to Basic medical Foundation, Dr (Mrs) Florence Ajimobi inaugurated the Just US Girls (JUGs) club at Bodija International School.

JUST US GIRLS (JUGs) is a female club that will harness the youth and femininity of adolescent girls to trigger positive social change while also mentoring them to become responsible and impactful members of the society. The club will ensure that every girl learns and routinely does a monthly breast examination, provide a platform for young girls to access correct and appropriate information about cancers and other adolescent health issues through peer education. A sense of community and social responsibility will be inculcated in them through appropriate membership.

The Founder during her address stated how important it is for the students to join the club in order to be enlightened about the scourge. She mentioned that it is the first of its kind in Nigeria and how delighted she is because of its starting in Oyo state. She promised to be at the club meeting once a month to show her full support for the great initiative. She announced the founding members and urged others to join the club.

Also, one of our doctors, Dr Oluwatobi Lawrence educated the students on the different types of cancer, risk factors, preventive measures, symptoms and treatments. She laid emphasis on Breast and Cervical cancer explaining how statistics states that it kills a lot of women. She demonstrated how to perform a Self-breast examination for the students and asked one of them to do same things when she was done. It was an interactive session which excited the students and made them answer the questions asked correctly.


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